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Bing launches new app to remotely program phones called on{X}

Bing's Mobile team has announced the arrival of an intriguing new app which remotely programs phones - but the service, still in beta form, will only be available on Android initially.

on{X}, pronounced ‘on-ex', includes features that enable your phone to send automatic text replies when you are busy, show your day's agenda as you enter the office, and give you a weather update when you wake in the morning.

Bing describes the app as "a developer oriented service that enables developers and technological enthusiasts to easily program mobile devices to dynamically react to a continuously changing environment".

Sophisticated mobile users can devise templates using JavaScript, that enable their phone to respond automatically to certain triggering events.

The tech-savvy among us not on Android will be disappointed with on{X}'s single-platform launch, but Bing's Eran Yariv said it would be available on "more platforms in the future", when writing on the company blog. The new app can be tried here.