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UPDATE: Three Set To Launch Huawei E5331 Value MiFi

Three are due to release a new low-cost mobile Wi-Fi product in the shape of the Huawei E5331 Value MiFi. The pocket-size device will offer high speed HSPA+ broadband but is expected to be significantly cheaper than its MiFi predecessors - though Three are yet to confirm its exact retail price.

The Huawei E5331 can connect up to five Wi-Fi enabled devices on the go, including tablets, laptops and handheld gaming consoles. Slim and simple in form, the wireless router has just one button and an LED screen displaying key information such as battery life, which clocks in at 4.5 hours.

Mark Brewer, head of mobile broadband at Three, said, "As the market leader in mobile broadband it's great to be able to bolster our range with yet another high-speed mobile Wi-Fi device. The Value MiFi offers fast browsing and a seamless streaming experience."

With Three's Huawei Black 3GB MiFi currently priced at £84.99, consumers will be hoping the new Value model heralds an age of cheaper MiFi devices.


Three has now announced the pricing for the Huawei E5331 Value MiFi device: £29.99 on a one-month rolling contract at £15.99 a month, with 5GB of data; or £49.99, on a pay as you go plans, with 1GB of data.