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Asus G75VW to be world's first 802.11ac-capable laptop

Though announcements of 802.11ac-capable chips, routers and adaptors have been rolling in, Asus' G75VW gaming laptop appears to be the first computer to be able to handle the new networking standard.

Michael Hurlston, vice president of semi-conductor manufacturer Broadcom, announced at Computex that the device would be the world's "first 5G Wi-Fi laptop". If Hurlston's claims prove to be true, that could mean speeds of up to 800Mbps, thanks to the laptop's dual-antenna MIMO support. The Asus G75VW will be available "shortly", the Broadcom VP said in Taipei.

The current generation of the device features 802.11n connectivity, as well as an Ivy Bridge processor and a GeForce GTX 670M graphics card. It's likely, then, that a forthcoming refresh will upgrade the G75VW to 802.11ac capability.

Hurlston also said Asus would be releasing a P8Z7-V series motherboard and RT0AC66U wireless router, both of which will be 802.11ac-enabled. He also forecast that smartphones, tablets, cameras and other consumer devices would be shipping with the new networking standard by 2013.

Asus has yet to confirm the release of the 802.11ac-capable laptop, but more details are likely forthcoming.