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Daily Round-up: Xbox SmartGlass analysis, double Russian password hack & leaked snaps of 'iPad Nano'.

The recently unveiled Xbox SmartGlass app is intriguing, and in Daniel Maher's expert view, very promising. The new service links your personal device to the games console, "transforming smartphones and tablets, whether Windows, Android, or iOS, into a second screen for your Xbox". Read on for an in-depth look at Microsoft's latest move in turning its games console into an "all-in-one entertainment hub".

Moving purely coincidentally from gaming to online dating, eHarmony has confirmed that a host of its user passwords have been leaked, and it appears the hackers are the same Russian perpetrators of the Linkedin password leak of just a few days ago. Dating can be a cruel game, and reports suggest that the accounts of over 1.5 million users have frustratingly caught the eyes of hackers instead of lovers.

Leaks of a more welcome kind come in the form of images showing the rumoured ‘iPad Nano'. Snaps of the preliminary design show a suspected 7.58in display, putting to rest speculation that the device would sport a 7.85in screen - while a brand new dock connector is also depicted.

YouTube, meanwhile, has announced new licensing deals with music publishers that promise to give artists more money-making opportunities and increased copyright protection. Rising bands and singers will no doubt welcome the news, which could yet prove a telling moment in the industry's struggle to establish revenue sources in the (quite literally) free-for-all age of online music consumption.

The perennially unhappy feathered beasts of Angry Birds also have reason to be cheerier than usual, with news that their game has been downloaded more than 100 million times in just 76 days. Finnish makers Rovio will be rubbing their hands with glee - as you would when you've created a franchise that's sold over a billion copies.