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Facebook rolls out new, simple mobile payments for developers around the world

Facebook has begun to roll out its new mobile payment system, which aims to simultaneously enable users to make purchases more simply and developers to monetise their apps more easily.

This update to Facebook's mobile payments allows users to pay for games, updates and virtual goods without having to go through the original complex, seven-step verification and payment process.

Developers will be able to integrate the "low friction" two-step payment flow, which was originally announced at the Mobile World Congress in February, to take advantage of mobile operator billing. "Developers who already integrated Facebook Payments on the mobile web don't need to do anything to benefit from this new flow. Mobile web developers interested in adding Facebook Payments to their mobile website can integrate through our payments API", according to the company's developer blog.

The new payment system is available through most UK and US networks, and through select operators in 60 countries. The company expects to increase that number soon.

Ahead of the possible, much-speculated release of a Facebook smartphone, it's no surprise that the social network is investing in various mobile technologies. The announcement could be a prelude to the launch of the Facebook App Center which should be out over the next few days.