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Facebook's App Center due 'in the coming days'

Facebook's very own App Store, the ‘App Center', could be launched over the coming days, according to a source of the Business Insider.

The source is deemed reliable, though a canvassing of other developers brought no confirmation of the launch date. Regardless of its exact release, it is a safe bet to say the App Center's arrival is imminent, as a company blog post introducing the feature on 9 May promised it would materialise in "the coming weeks".

Facebook claims the Center "gives developers an additional way to grow their apps and creates opportunities for more types of apps to be successful". It will use a variety of signals such as user ratings and engagement to determine whether an app is listed, as developers prepare for a scramble to get their innovations flagged up by the new store.

The App Center's arrival represents Facebook's latest move at making its service more mobile friendly - a challenge that many commentators believe will make or break the company's future. Zuckerberg and co. know it is vital that developers see Facebook as a credible long-term source for apps.

Source: Business Insider