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Foursquare launches redesigned app

Following a recent announcement that it would be launching a new and improved app, Foursquare has finally debuted its latest redesign.

The new Foursquare, which promises a significant evolution from the original check-in service, emphasises venues and recommendations over simple location-based social networking.

For instance, the new Explore tab considers factors like weather, time, location and friends' activities before suggesting nearby recommendations. "If you open your phone on a Saturday morning, we know there's a good chance you're looking for brunch", Foursquare head of product Alex Rainert told Mashable.

Rather than map out friends, the service now maps out venues friends are currently at or have been to. As well, an update to the profiles interface eliminates scrolling, displaying a user's stats, lists, badges and tips from a single screen instead.

Foursquare has also finally adopted the now-started "Like" function, allowing users to "heart" friends' check-ins, lists, tips and venues.

The company has hinted in the past that more encompassing changes will be coming to the app's merchant features, including functions like allowing restaurants to sell or promote deals. Foursquare has said it plans to deploy more of these merchant-based features in the coming months.