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Google hit with Google Drive patent infringement case

Another day, another lawsuit. This time, Google has been hit with a patent infringement case related to its Docs and Drive suite of applications.

Massachusetts-based software development company Superspeed is accusing Google of infringing on a 1999 patent involving data caching technology. The suit, filed in a Texas federal court, claims Google Docs and Google Drive incorporate patented technology that allows a disk to be quickly accessed by multiple computers simultaneously.

"Superspeed's software helps overcome this problem by permitting data ‘caching' in a shared-disk cluster network. ‘Caching' accelerates data processing operations by making a copy of frequently accessed data in the random access memory (or ‘RAM') of the individual computer that is using the data. A computer can access data in RAM approximately two- hundred-thousand times faster than data on a hard disk. As a result, caching can increase performance dramatically, particularly when the computer must repeatedly access the same block of data", reads the suit.

In addition to requesting a permanent injunction, Superspeed is seeking "reasonable" royalties from the search giant. Google has yet to officially reply to the suit.