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Images of rumoured Apple 'iPad Nano' tablet surface

Apple's annual Worldwide Developer Conference is just around the corner, but that's not making the rumours slow down. Apple watchers and fanatics have long suspected that a miniature iPad would be unveiled sometime this year and it appears preliminary images of the device have made their way to the Web.

The ‘iPad Nano', as it's being called so far, appears to feature a 7.58in display, putting to rest speculations that the device would boast a 7.85in screen.

The images also seem to reveal that both the ‘iPad Nano' and the yet-to-be-announced iPhone 5 will ship with a new dock connector. The old six-pin dock connector is nowhere to be found on either device, suggesting that Apple may finally be considering a switch to the non-proprietary microUSB charging mechanism.

Other rumours ahead of WWDC 2012 include the possibility of new hardware for nearly all Mac stratifications (including an entry-level MacBook and a brand-new Mac Pro), more sophisticated updates for Siri and the introduction of a Google Maps competitor, among other things.

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