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The perfect companion for the iPhone 5 : MacBook Air clone for smartphones emerges

A company called Clamcase is promisng to deliver a laptop that looks like the MacBook Air by the coming Holiday 2012 and which will be powered by your smartphone.

The Clambook which is compatible both with Apple's iPhone and Android smartphone and the device promises to bring laptop functionality from your smartphone.

It features an aluminium design with a full sized keyboard and a multi-touch trackpad plus a widescreen display. In addition, it features dedicated media control keys for Android as well as two-finger scrolling, pinch, zoom and swiping through apps for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

It doubles as a charger for your smartphone and can even use your phone as a dedicated gaming controller. In addition because it doesn't have any dedicated processing unit, it is likely to heat less. Clamcase says that it should reach around 30 degrees when in use.

When used with some Motorola smartphones, the Clambook will offer a Ubuntu-based Webtop environment complete with Firefox browser and other desktop class apps such as Google Web App.

The device will connect to a phone using an MHL cable (Mobile High Definition Link) cable which rolls several cables into one. Pricing and availability outside the US are yet to be revealed.

Source : Clamcase.

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