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Tech boss to Cameron: lack of energy efficiency "pouring money down the drain" in recession Britain

Britain's quest for energy efficiency has been criticised by the head of a manufacturing firm as "completely bonkers," with the decision maker calling on the Government to focus on power conservation initiatives instead of new energy generation plans.

Drew Nelson, chief executive of IQE - one of the leading global suppliers of semiconductor wafers for wireless and optoelectronic components - has taken his discontent public by saying that the UK is presently "pouring money down the drain" by not adequately confronting the country's underlying energy usage issues.

Though the Government maintains that energy efficiency and related areas are central to its green agenda, the Coalition's draft Energy Bill has been roundly condemned for failing to incorporate and incentivise energy saving.

"The country's lack of energy efficiency...has a massive impact on the UK's national power strategy," Mr Nelson says.

It is estimated that the process of converting from mains to energy using devices wastes around 20 per cent of the electricity involved, with research by IQE and another British tech firm, XP Power, saying this amounts to total wastage of 7,600 gigawatts annually.

The Energy Bill put forward by Westminister shows plans to plough £110 billion worth of investment into green energy, but independent analysis by the Department of Energy and Climate Change claims that the focus on bringing in new infastructure could tack on nearly 20 per cent to the bill of a typical UK business.

Nelson claims that there is an alternative and ventures that the Government's present efforts amount to trying to grow grass in a desert.

"Instead of worrying about costly forms of energy generation, we should be focusing on efficiency," the IQE boss adds.

Energy efficency is one of many ways companies can utilise technology to optimise their bottom line, according to one of ITProPortal's in-depth analysts.