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Twitter CEO talks 400 million tweets, mobile growth & ad platforms at Economist conference

Twitter's head honcho has revealed that users of the immensely popular microblog compose a total of 400 million tweets a day, an average of 2.8 posts per person based on recent figures putting the social network's active usership at 140 million worldwide.

Speaking in interview at The Economist Group's Ideas Economy: Information 2012 conference in San Francisco, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo said that the majority of the website's users communicated by mobile means, and that on-the-go social networkers were typically more active than their desktop brethren.

Venturing that Twitter's advertising model is "inherently suited" to mobile devices and is tied to the base concept of tweeting itself, he claimed that the company's advertising was "doing delightfully well" ahead of plans to expand into Asian markets.

"Because tweets are 140 characters, born of mobile and constrained that way, when we designed the ad platform our ads would go everywhere tweets go, and the only way is if the ads are tweets. Even though we launched the ad platform on the web already, a couple of weeks ago we saw mobile revenue in a day greater than non-mobile," Mr Costolo said.

He also confirmed that Twitter is working on further simplifying its user interface and improving the Discovery feature, but again refused to be drawn into speculation on a future IPO - Facebook recently ran into various difficulties when floating itself.

It was always envisioned that the company's business end to take care of itself, he said, arguing that a more relaxed, hands-off approach would give the brand and service greater freedom in the long term.

"I just don't worry about that stuff...if you wait until the business and business results speak for themselves, you can be a public company on your own terms," he added.