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Daily Round-up: Flame virus is "world class", Samsung battle for Galaxy S3 release in US, & Oracle CEO sounds off on Twitter

The menacing Flame virus continues to draw headlines, and expert cryptographers have now dubbed the malware "world-class" - high-praise indeed for the creators. PCs across the Middle East in particular have been targeted by the virus, which may well be the work of western authorities.

Going from west to east, the Chinese government has stepped up the controls it continues to place on internet activity. The latest development may force users of blogs, online forums, and social networks to register with the ruling Communist Party in person if they want to access the sites.

Financially-stricken RIM is a magnet for negative press at the moment, and now the company is being forced to phase out the Blackberry PlayBook - arguably its most popular model. Stock value for the company is a tenth of what it was at its peak, and the manufactures desperately need some more positive news before the Blackberry 10's proposed launch later this year. Positive news that shows no sign of emerging.

No such worries for Samsung, which has batted aside a lawsuit from bitter-rivals Apple to press on with its Galaxy S3 release in the US. As is very much the fashion at the moment, Apple wants action taken over patent infringements, but the unperturbed Koreans say the 21 June release is still very much on for the wildly popular smartphone.

More welcome inter-firm feuding comes our way with Oracle and SAP, as the former's CEO, Larry Ellison, has taken to Twitter to mock its rival. ‘We've got loads of great cloud products and you haven't', is the gist of it, with Ellison revelling in Oracle's major cloud service roll-out that took place this week.