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Leaked images of Google Nexus tablet surface

Leaked images of the highly anticipated Google Nexus tablet have hit the web. The pictures, taken of what are purportedly press images, show off the Asus-manufactured device.

The rumour mill has long predicted that Google would release a 7in tablet featuring a Tegra 3 processor and a new version of Android, possibly targeting the lower-end market, with a retail price of less than $250 (£160). And this could finally be it.

The device appears to have a white front and two-tone back, sporting both the Google and Asus logos. The images suggest it may ship with rear- and front-facing cameras, for video chat capabilities. In addition to its Tegra 3 CPU, the Nexus tablet is rumoured to feature 1GB of RAM and an updated version of Android (possibly 4.1 Ice Cream Sandiwch). Previous rumours have hinted at a screen resolution of 1,280 x 768 pixels.

The tablet bears a passing resemblance to the Samsung Galaxy S3 and, if recent precedents are anything to go by, could easily end up being the next target in Apple's escalating patent war. The company has so far demanded injunctions against smartphones and tablets developed by Samsung, Google and HTC.

Source and Image Credit: Phone Arena