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New video claims to show details of next iPhone case design

It looks like Apple's suppliers in China may be guilty of having loose lips. Video evidence has surfaced that suggests the next iPhone will indeed offer significant changes.

The first images of what is thought to be the next version of the iPhone showed up last month on several sites displaying different images of the same phone aluminum alloy casing. Now a new video (below) discovered by 9to5Mac (via CydiaBlog) and posted by Chinese parts retailer ETrade Supply shows the same iPhone backing in greater detail as the narrator compares the new backing to the current iPhone 4S.

Not only does the video show off the aesthetic differences of the new iPhone casing, but it goes on to use the current iPhone 4S to show us that the new iPhone has a new headphone positioned at the bottom of the phone, a differently sized SIM card slot, brand-new speaker grills, and most importantly, a completely redesigned docking port. And, when placed side-by-side, the new iPhone case is taller and slightly thinner than the iPhone 4S. These size specifications line up perfectly with the rumours that have been circulating about the next iPhone for months.

We've seen a number of clever Apple product Photoshop fakes over the years, so when the images of the supposed new iPhone backing surfaced last month, there were many sceptics doubting the authenticity of the images. But this new video is pretty hard to refute. The detail and engineering required to manufacture such a well-crafted piece would seem to point to the piece's authenticity.

However, China has been known to come up with rather convincing bootleg versions of Apple products before, so even with this close-up video, we won't truly know what Apple has in store for the next iPhone until its official release.