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Outspoken Oracle chief joins Twitter to taunt rival SAP

Buoyed by the launch of his company's cloud products, Oracle's CEO Larry Ellison has joined Twitter to taunt rival firm SAP.

In his only tweet to date since joining the social network this week, Ellison said, "Oracle's got 100+ enterprise applications live in the #cloud today, SAP's got nothin' but SuccessFactors until 2020". The account has been officially verified as Ellison, and should provide some entertaining musings for the follower-base already approaching 25,000.

The outburst comes on the back of his company's significant cloud investment, announced in a statement this week and declared "the most comprehensive Cloud on planet Earth" by, unsurprisingly, Ellison himself.

Oracle has made over 100 applications available to customers over the Internet, rather than exclusively as products to be physically installed on office computers. The launch is a significant strategic move for Oracle, which joins the raft of firms expanding services in the cloud.

SAP responded to Ellison's tweet with a statement. "As usual, you can tell who Oracle is most worried about by the competitors they criticise most. In this case, Larry's crystal ball is cloudy," the riposte read.

"SAP's strategy offers customers a long-term road map of innovation without disruption. Oracle customers face a difficult upgrade challenge with Fusion, and we invite them to see who can provide the most business value for their investment."

The SAP jibe is not out of character for the colourful Ellison, who recently took aim at ex-HP CEO Léo Apotheker, himself an ex-SAP boss, calling him a "thief" and an "idiot". Mocking Apotheker's brief tenure as HP chief after ventures abroad, he added, "The board finally figured out they should have left Leo in Mongolia, because when he came to California it really got bad."