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The Lync 2010 iOS Client

Lync 2010 is available for Android phones, BlackBerry, iOS, Symbian and of course Microsoft Windows Phone. However, once Lync 2010 has been configured for a company, users will still be unable to use the Lync application unless they download the Lync mobile client application. Unfortunately, the Lync client applications are dispersed across a number of websites and not necessarily where the documentation states that they should be. In this article we look at where to get the iOS client and the surrounding information on the website.

As you would expect, the iOS Lync client is in the Apple store. Bizarrely, however, it is not as expected, in the iPhone or iPad section. As of writing, the iPhone Lync client download is in the iTunes section.

The page is similar to the Google Play layout with descriptions, user ratings and screenshots of the application in use. One helpful component of the site are the blue links under the description which take you to various Microsoft Lync support websites.