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The Lync 2010 Windows Phone Client

Lync 2010 is available for Android phones, BlackBerry, iOS, Symbian and of course Microsoft Windows Phone. However, once Lync 2010 has been configured for a company, users will still be unable to use the Lync application unless they download the Lync mobile client application. Unfortunately, the Lync client applications are dispersed across a number of websites and not necessarily where the documentation states that they should be. In this article we look at where to get the Windows Phone client and the surrounding information on the website.

The Windows Phone Lync client application is stored in the Windows Phone Marketplace under the Tools and Productivity apps section of the website.

The web page is quite basic compared to the other phone app stores. It contains key information such as the fact that only Windows Phone 7.5 or higher is supported and that a Lync Server or an Office 365/Lync Online account is required to make the client application work. There is also a set of user reviews.

Tip: In order to download the app, you will need a Zune account. The Zune account is used to buy or download free apps from the Windows Phone Marketplace. If you do not have a Zune account, you will be asked to logon to the site via your Windows Live email address and then taken through a wizard to create the Zune account.