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Get Parallels Desktop 7 & 11 Mac Applications For £33

Amazon sells Parallels Desktop 7.0 for £39.02. Yet you could get the same software (as a download) together with 11 other Mac applications for less than £33 which is a no-brainer.

This is a saving of nearly 90 per cent that comes courtesy of Mac Update, the number two most popular Mac-only software website on the Internet, second only to This explains why nearly 14,000 have been sold till now.

These include BusyCal, ScreenFlow 3, Jaksta, Espionage 3, Speed Download 5, Attachment Tamer 3, KeyCue 6, A better finder rename, Civilisation V, My Living Desktop 5 and RedHand.

Note that BusyCal is available as a bonus for the first 15,000 buyers and RedHand only if you share the deal. Unfortunately there's not a similar bundle for Windows users although one could argue that cover discs on computer magazines could easily fulfil the same role.

Source : Mupromo.

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