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Ready to drool? Five of the best foodie apps


A by-product of the wildly successful Burgerac blog, this little wonder shows you where to find the best burgers in London and nothing less. Featuring maps, reviews, and news aimed at patty fiends, the quality of images is excellent and the information provided is independent, detailed, and accurate.


With Foodspotting still largely US-centric, Platter couldn't arrive soon enough to fill an obvious gap in the UK app market. It's still a bit of a work in progress, but the basic principle of moving recipe sharing from words to images, and forums to mobile devices, is totally sound. Not that it's aiming big or anything - co-founder Will Hodson only said he's trying to revolutionise the way people share photos of food.


It's impossible to fully appreciate the extent to which Instagram has affected the way gastronomic experiences are shared on the Internet. The digital filtering feature turns every amateur chef and intrepid diner into a photography pro, giving foodies the power to make a shoddy carvery plate look like foie gras from Gordon Ramsay, and satisfying the show off in every diner itching to optimise the colour tone of their favourite restaurant's signature dish - steak and tuna sashimi are particularly well manipulated.

The Perfect Egg Timer

One for the still developing student cooks out there, this is a beautifully simple app that enables users to boil the perfect egg and do away with Delia recipes and ugly hourglass timers for good. Taking the size and temperature of the egg into account as well as the altitude of the cooking environment (measured using GPS), you'll never get an ugly grey ring where there should be a nice runny yolk again.

Om Nom?

A really useful app designed to help dedicated dog owners get a better insight into what's kosher in the picky world of peckish pooches. Apples? Fine, but remove the core and seeds. Grapes are worse than you think, while this top piece of software also contains a chocolate toxicity calculator so you can do your homework before rushing off in a panic to the vets.