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Weekend Round Up: Apple Files Legal Documents Over The Samsung Galaxy S3 & iPad Falsely Advertised As 4G In Australia

Welcome to the second outing of our Mobile Phone Editor's chance to take over the roundup duties, in our weekly, weekend column. As with the last venture down this path, there is a slant toward his realm of expertise.

It has been a rather short week in the UK, with not one, but two public holidays, back-to-back. This reduced the working week down to just three days, but the world kept spinning nonetheless and mobile phone news just kept on coming.

This week has seen Apple-laden headlines and rightly so, as the company's largest developers conference is due to start on Monday and the £1000 tickets were sold out - in just two hours. Only none of the major Apple news related to this event; instead the headlines were full of court injunctions, leaks and pay-outs.

Earlier in the week, Apple requested a court injunction over the Samsung Galaxy S3, in the USA. A motion was filed over patents being violated on the new South Korean's flagship handset, which could stop the phone going on sale in the America.

This couldn't have been an entirely unexpected event, as Samsung's top-tier mobile is due to arrive in the colonies very soon and is set to be a big seller over there, with support for superfast 4G LTE network.

The court documents related to patent infringements on voice-activated search and data tapping. The latter is where a device can recognise a phone number in an email, and then allow the user to directly call that very number.

Days later, all was well with the world once more and Samsung was given the go-ahead to launch the Galaxy S III in America.

The handset will now go on sale on 21 June, despite the attempts of Apple to stop this from happening. Apple's counsel has gone on the record, stating: "The Galaxy S3 will... irreparably harm Apple for the same reasons as the Galaxy Nexus, but on a much greater scale."

"Samsung believes Apple's request is without merit. We will vigorously oppose the request", "We would also like to assure consumers that the US launch and sales of the Galaxy S III [S3] will proceed as planned", responded Samsung in a statement.

We very much doubt this will be the last line we will hear from the two, in regards to these legal matters, as the Galaxy S III heads for the shops in one of the biggest mobile markets. There could be more injunctions and last minute pleas, as 21 June is still some weeks away.

The next Apple headline came from ‘the land down under', with the Cupertino-based company is forking over $2.25 million or £1.4million, because of falsely advertising the new iPad as having 4G compatibility.

In March, The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) filed charges against Apple. This claim related to the company intentionally promoted the iPad's 4G functionality - even though it knew the Australian networks did not offer LTE support.

A similar incident happened within the UK, where the new iPad was advertised as containing ‘4G + Wi-Fi'. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) began an inquiry. Now, the Apple UK website refers to the new iPad as having ‘Wi-Fi + 3G'.

Finally, a video appeared online this week of the next iPhone case. The footage backs up recently rumours and speculation of a significant design change, within the iPhone 5 or whatever the sixth generation Apple phone will be called.

The video highlights the differences of the yet-to-be-released iPhone casing and the ‘host' compares the parts, to the current iPhone 4S. This supposedly shows the new headphone positioned at the bottom of the phone, a differently sized SIM card slot, brand-new speaker grills, and most importantly, a completely redesigned docking port.

Next week, the Apple coverage should be more positive. Stay tuned to ITProPortal, for all the happenings from WWDC 2012.

Rob Kerr is a journalist with more than 14 years experience of news, reviews and feature writing on titles such as Wired, PC Magazine, The Register, The Inquirer, Pocket-Lint, Mobile Industry Review, Know Your Mobile and The Gadget Show. The mobile phone world is his real passion and forte, having owned a handset as far back as 1994 where he has seen them grow from just a business tool to a necessity in everyone’s everyday life.