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Apple updates floor plans for 'Spaceship' campus

You've seen the doughnut's outside; time to get a glimpse of its gooey, geeky interior.

We're talking, of course, about Apple's doughnut - the 'spaceship' campus in Cupertino scheduled to be completed by 2015 and house up to 13,000 or so Apple employees.

New floor plans delivered to the City of Cupertino, nearly one year since Apple co-founder Steve Jobs made his final public appearance at a Cupertino City Council meeting, show off some updated renders and details for the interior of the four-story, 2.8-million-square-foot circular building. The largest change appears to be a move from a dual-circle auditorium for product demonstrations - built kind of like a large figure eight - to a rectangular room that incorporates a bit of the circle motif for the 'hangout' portion of the pairing.

That said, eagle-eyed Apple readers can now see everything from the proposed security line that will run around Apple's new campus to the entire room layout of the 'doughnut's' interior.

This marks the fourth iteration of Apple's design plans for its new campus which, we note, won't be replacing 1 Infinite Loop as the company's official headquarters. Admittedly, this new version of the plans isn't quite as spicy as Apple's revision in December of last year, when the company unveiled that it was planning to cover nearly all of the building's roof with photovoltaic solar panels. According to estimates from 9to5Mac's Seth Weintraub at the time, the move could give Apple the largest corporate solar installation in the US at roughly 5 MW of total power - dwarfing that of the current solar leader, a 4.26-megawatt, roof-installed system in Edison, New Jersey.

Google,by way of comparison, only sports a 1.6-megawatt solar panel installation at the GooglePlex.

"Campus amenities will include a striking café within the main building, a separate corporate fitness center and a corporate auditorium seating 1,000 people," reads Apple's "Introduction" document. "Parking will be provided under the main building and in one multi-story parking structure along the 280 Freeway. The Campus will feature an on-site low carbon Central Plant situated along the 280 Freeway that will supply the majority of the power needed for the campus."

Construction on the new Apple campus is expected to begin later in 2012, following final approval by the Cupertino City Council.