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Banners at WWDC confirm arrival of iOS 6

9to5Mac posted photos of the setup process at Moscone West in San Francisco, where WWDC kicks off today. One of the banners workers were hoisting into place reads: "iOS 6, The world's most advanced mobile operating system."

Other photos show workers affixing a giant white Apple logo to the side of the building, but besides the iOS 6 banner, no other signage provided details about what else Apple might have up its sleeve.

The release of iOS 6 is not entirely a surprise. In announcing WWDC 2012, Apple's Phil Schiller promised to "share the latest news about iOS and OS X Mountain Lion."

At last year's WWDC, Steve Jobs showed off iOS 5 and iCloud, both of which arrived on iOS devices by Oct. 12. The update added the BBM-like iMessage and a notification centre, and allowed for PC-free upgrades, among other things.

What's on tap for iOS 6? Recent rumors point to deep Facebook integration, like what's available with Twitter right now. Apple will also reportedly drop Google Maps in favour of its own 3D solution, and add Siri to the iPad.