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iPhone 5, iOS6, 3D Mapping? What Could Apple WWDC 2012 Deliver [Poll]

Apple is set to kick off its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on Monday, and the rumour mill shows no signs of slowing down before Apple execs take the stage on 11 June.

What will Cupertino unveil? The most persistent rumour of late is that Apple will release new MacBooks with the Retina display currently only available on the iPhone 4S and the new iPad.

Chatter about that reached a fever pitch today after a Mac App Store app was updated with "retina graphics," but the developer of that app - FolderWatch from Brothers Roloff - insisted that they had no prior knowledge of what Apple might reveal at WWDC.

Less likely on the hardware front is the release of a new iPhone. The first few Apple smartphones were released at WWDC, but Apple broke with tradition last year and introduced the iPhone 4S in October. Given that that device is still selling well, it's likely that Cupertino will again wait until later in the year to unveil its next-gen phone, though that hasn't stopped the iPhone rumours.

As a result, Apple's developer event will likely focus on software. In announcing WWDC, Apple's Phil Schiller promised to "share the latest news about iOS and OS X Mountain Lion." So, hopefully we'll get a glimpse of iOS 6 and perhaps some more information about the full release of Mountain Lion, a developer preview of which was released in February.

Recent rumors have also pointed to a revamped iCloud, Facebook integration with iOS 6, and a 3D mapping solution, among other things. Check what our own Rob Kerr believes iOS 6 will look like.

Tune in to's WWDC 2012 live blogging session - already up - with the opening Keynote scheduled for 1800 BST