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More than 900,000 Android devices activated daily

Some 900,000 Android devices are being activated every day, Android head Andy Rubin announced in a tweet. That figure is up slightly from the 850,000 daily activations Rubin revealed back in February.

Though recent reports have suggested that Android's US market share appeared to be plateauing, the platform has managed to snag a whopping two-thirds of the global market, trailed by iOS at just over 20 per cent, BlackBerry at six percent and Windows Phone at five per cent.

The Samsung Galaxy S3, which runs Android Ice Cream Sandwich, garnered an unprecedented nine million pre-orders ahead of its release, no doubt helping Android to grow its numbers. The wealth of varied and affordable handsets running Google's mobile operating system, as well as the flexibility the platform offers, is often credited for its success.

A recent report revealed that a meagre seven per cent of Android devices are running Ice Cream Sandwich, the latest version of the operating system. Most are, instead, running Android Gingerbread.

Rubin also used the tweet to deny rumours that he will be leaving Google, after blogger Robert Scoble speculated that the Android boss would leaving to join connected car technology start-up CloudCar. "No plans to leave Google," he wrote in the tweet addressed to Scoble.