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Simplifying Cloud Deployment : Questions you need to ask

Some organisations want to do it themselves while others want a complete turnkey managed service. Others aren't quite sure what they want or even what they are ready for.

We are finding that enterprise organisations are looking for vendors to partner with them throughout the entire IT transformation process. The key to developing these ongoing relationships is a high touch engagement process from beginning to end. There are usually three stages of the on-boarding process to be undertaken to ensure a smooth transition.

Readiness Assessment

The first stage is a full operational readiness assessment. One can use a vetting process to determine the readiness of an organisation that wants to transition, transform, or migrate to a cloud environment. The assessment helps answer these questions. - Does your organisation have a strategy? - Is it aligned with business goals? - Are you unsure how best to approach your migration to the cloud? - Does your organisation have the right skill sets?

It is during this stage that a determination is made on whether the customer wants a "do it yourself" implementation or a fully managed application service. Upfront planning and developing a clear roadmap that takes in to account technical, economic, and business factors is the key to a smooth transition.

Developing a Migration, Transition or Transformation Plan

Once your level of readiness is understood, a plan is developed that includes the tactics of on-boarding and lifecycle management. This is where choosing the right partner can really make a difference.

You want to choose a partner that has a tried and true migration methodology, one that is experienced in migrating infrastructure and applications to a cloud delivery mode, a partner that specifically addresses a range of requirements, including physical to virtual migrations, project management and on-boarding, and the ability to implement a hybrid cloud model if you want to migrate some, but not all, of your IT infrastructure and services to the cloud.

Optimise for Cost and Efficiency

With a cloud delivery platform, monthly charges are based on actual computing resources used therefore, it is critical that cloud-enabled applications run efficiently. Periodic performance tuning and load testing are necessary to optimize you application in the cloud.