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Whale Trail app now available for free

Former Apple game of the week, Whale Trail is now available for free from ustwoTM. The game requires the user to fly Willow the whale high through the magical skies of Rainbow Land and escape Baron Von Barry who is ever close on Willow's tail.

You can collect Blubbles, loop the loop, unlock playable friends, upgrade Willow's skills, smash enemies and meet bonkers characters along the way.

The new version includes the ability to earn Krill when flying and the ability to use Treats while flying for an instant bonus.

Some however have complained that the latest update makes it altogether more difficult for the players. It also includes the ability to purchase in app bonuses from 69p to £13.99.

The app has received more than 5,000 5-star ratings since it was launched and has been described by reviewers have being "simple and gorgeous" or the "next smash hit on iOS gaming".

Check out our original Whale Trail article. The app can be downloaded on iTunes.

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