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Microsoft launches Windows Phone-inspired clothing line

The electronics and computing stuff is all well and good, but Microsoft has finally given the public what it has really been baying for - a Windows Phone clothing line.

Thanks to the newly-launched Windows Phone Gear Store on CafePress, those who live and breathe the mobile operating system and have little-to-no dignity, can wear specially-designed t-shirts and hoodies. Die-hards particularly keen to display their allegiance to the brand can even parade their infant in a Windows Phone baby bodysuit.

Birthday coming up and struggling for gift ideas? Someone you don't like? Well thankfully mugs, glasses, bottles, magnets, bumper stickers, and bags are also available, all sporting the ‘I heart Windows Phone' logo.

Introducing the range, a company blog post says, "One of the biggest requests we get isn't always for features - it's for swag." Whether ‘swag' has suddenly become one of Bill Gates' favourite buzzwords or life mantras is unknown - but we can only hope the company bloggers refrain from employing a modern colloquialism so awkwardly ever again.

The post adds, "all products are offered at the base cost, we're not making any money off of this," which, in fairness, provides a small crumb of comfort.