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Dell Inspiron N550 Dual Core laptop available from £234

Not so long ago, £250 would probably have got you a crappy laptop with just enough memory to keep things running. Fast forward to mid 2012 and things have changed a lot. For only £234 you can get a branded Dell laptop, the Inspiron N5050 with a very decent specification.

At its heart is an Intel Celeron B800. Unlike past Celeron models, this one is a screamer as it is based on Intel's Sandy Bridge architecture. It comes with two cores, each with 512KB L2 cache and sharing 2MB L3 cache and are clocked at 1.5GHz. In addition, there's an onboard GPU which is clocked at 650MHz and can be overclocked to 1GHz in Turbo mode.

It does support virtualisation but not Hyper Threading or other features that like Turbo boost. It is built on a 32nm manufacturing process which means that it has a low TDP (at 35W) and according to some benchmarks should perform as well as an Intel Xeon E5205.

Other features include, 3GB DDR3 of RAM, a 320GB SATA hard drive, a 15.6in 1,366 x 768 pixels display, an optical drive, three USB ports, an Ethernet port, HDMI port, VGA webcam, Wi-Fi, Windows 7 Home Premium and 12 months Argos warranty. It is a bit on the heavy side at around 3.7Kg but you'd still be hard pressed to find better value for money.

Source : Ebay

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