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Apple boss Tim Cook uses WWDC keynote speech to talk App Store milestones, taunt Google Android rivals

Apple's iOS App Store has hit the 30 billion download mark and paid out over £3 billion to developers, company CEO Tim Cook announced when he took the stage at the 2012 World Worldwide Developers Conference.

Cupertino's resident sheriff also used his keynote speech Monday to take a shot at Apple's rivals, specifically tablets running the competing Google Android OS, pointing out that his company's App Store boasts over 650,000 apps, 225,000 of which are custom designed for iPad. Only a "few hunded" apps are available on other platforms, he said.

Cook also ventured that Apple's App Store boasts more than 400 million active accounts with credit cards registered to the iTunes Store - which incorporates App Store buys - making it the Internet's largest holder of customer credit details.

The App Store would continue to expand its reach, Cook offered, noting that the popular download centre had plans to expand to a further 32 countries - a move that would bring App Store access to 155 nations in total.

Fan boys were understandably most interested in Monday's product upgrade revelations - which included a Retina display for the top MacBook Pro and the announcement of an autumn launch for iOS 6 - though the Apple chief's more business orientated declarations will no doubt interest developers, competitors, and keen market observers in equal measure.