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A better Samsung Galaxy S3 Deal? T-Mobile's £7 alternative contract

If you can spare £350 for the initial deposit for a Samsung Galaxy S3 and are on T-Mobile's network, then it's worth considering the Pay monthly 7 plan.

This basic plans costs £7 per month on a two year contract with the cost of the phone pegged at a high £350. This means that the total cost of ownership for the package is £518, just £19 more than the suggested retail price of £499.

That is an excellent deal as it allows you to spread the cost of the handset over a longer period and grab a free SIM.

The deal includes 50 minutes any network, 100 texts and 250MB data allowance. Note that the T-Mobile tariff comes with unlimited web browsing which excludes P2P and other data hungry applications (VoIP and streaming).

T-Mobile also provides with the cheapest Galaxy S3 packages (three of them) at £26 over two years. The total cost of ownership is much bigger but you get up to 600 minutes or 1.5GB depending on your choices.

The Galaxy S3 has been the released late last month and has been one of the most preordered smartphone ever with more than nine million units sold before the launch day.

Source : T-Mobile


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