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Free Wi-Fi at every Debenhams thanks to O2

O2 is set to roll out free Wi-Fi at Debenhams stores across the country, with all 167 UK branches of the international chain set to benefit from the arrival of in-store broadband.

The partnership is a way for O2 to make inroads into the lucrative world of high street shopping, while for the retailer it is a way to expand and enhance its existing customer experience through an improved, fully connected app.

Punters at the popular store will be able to expedite their shopping experience by instantly checking for the availability of sizes and colours by scanning a barcode, as opposed to waiting for sales assistants to venture into the storeroom.

Customers wishing to purchase unavailable products will be directed to Debenhams online ordering portal, in addition to being offered in-store alternatives. The improved app will also feature a shop layout guide to help goods be located with greater ease as well as a discount voucher feature.

"We are delighted to add Debenhams to our growing portfolio. [We have] realised the power of using in-store connectivity as a basis to bring innovative services to customers. This marks a continuation of our fresh thinking that has seen the rapid growth of O2 Wi-Fi," said O2 Wi-Fi manager director Gavin Frank.

The introduction of free Wi-Fi comes following a trial run in three Debenhams' stores and on the back of the launch of O2's NFC-based Wallet service and at a time when full Wi-Fi connectivity is being introduced in a number of strategic locations.