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New Mac Pros coming in 2013, says Tim Cook

Apple is preparing to release a new Mac Pro next year, says Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Though many of the initial rumours suggested otherwise, the company's WWDC keynote did not include announcements of any new tower computers, leading some to wonder whether Apple was planning to phase out its professional line.

But in an email to an Apple customer named Franz, Cook revealed that a new Mac Pro could be expected in 2013. "[W]e're working on something really great for later next year," he wrote.

The full email, whose legitimacy was confirmed to MacWorld by an Apple spokesperson, is below.


Apple unveiled a host of new hardware at WWDC, including a MacBook Pro with a Retina Display and a new MacBook Air. The company's line of Mac Pros, on the other hand, was upgraded to include a new processor and RAM configuration, but did not receive the hardware overhaul some users were hoping for.