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Vodafone launches £3 EuroTraveller deal for roaming in Europe

It's not unusual to rack up mobile charges nearly as high as hotel bills while travelling. A newly launched Vodafone service promises to remedy this problem for customers travelling across the Euro Zone, the mobile operator has said.

Vodafone EuroTraveller, as the service is being called, is a £3 per day service that allows pay monthly customers to use their standard UK price plans while travelling in 35 European countries.

Customers who opt in to the programme will be able to use their UK price plan to make phone calls, send texts and surf the Internet, as well as to receive calls and texts for free. The £3 daily charge only applies on days the phone is used, and requires no monthly commitment.

Any out-of-bundle charges racked up will cost the same in the Euro Zone as they would in the UK and customers will continue to be warned by text when they approach their monthly Internet caps, Vodafone promises.

Those who choose not to opt in will still be eligible for Vodafone's reduced Euro Zone prices as of 1 July, as mandated by the EU. This means phone calls will cost 28.8p per minute, down from 36.6p per minute, and text messages will run 8.9p, down from 11p. Data, although reduced, will cost a whopping 69.6p per MB.

Despite the benefits of the EuroTraveller package, the announcement still begs the ages-old question of why roaming costs are so exorbitant to begin with.