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New Yorker suing Apple because he doesn't like Siri

Apple's legal woes continue to mount, with a New York man now suing the iPhone manufacturer because its Siri voice command feature does not meet his expectations.

Official documents show that an American citizen named Frank Fazio has filed a legal complaint against the Cupertino, California based company because its advertising "conveyed the misleading and deceptive message that the Siri feature...performs useful functions and otherwise works as advertised."

The court papers elaborate by saying that Siri failed to live up to its hype and does not help Mr Fazio complete activities 4S users are shown accomplishing in TV commercials, which range from making appointments to finding restaurants and learning an instrument.

Mr Fazio's lawsuit draws attention to the astronomical sales figures enjoyed by the iPhone 4S in the three months following its release last year - 33 million units were shipped on the back of successful marketing.

It is claimed that this success was based on misleading campaigns and license agreements that failed to acknowledge that Siri was essentially a spruced up beta feature at the time of the phone's launch.

Other unhappy consumers may join Mr Fazio's suit, which the legal papers say he is bringing "on behalf of himself and all others...who purchased an Apple iPhone 4S."

The civil suit comes as Apple is tied up in a number of legal battles, most significantly back home in California, where it currently defending itself - and Siri - against similar charges filed under the state's unfair competition and consumer protection legislation.