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Nintendo Wii U goes on preorder for £199.99 (Update : Pulled by Amazon)

(Update : the listing has been pulled by Amazon although there's a cached version available).

Amazon has put the black version of the Nintendo Wii U on pre-order with a release date on the 14 July 2012 for a pence under £200. The online retailing giant has a pre-order price guarantee which means that if the price decreases, Amazon will refund the difference.

The Wii U was announced last year and the main difference is that it comes with a massive controller that's almost like a portable gaming console on its own. Not surprisingly, the console has surpassed the Wii as the best selling Nintendo Wii console at Amazon at the time of writing.

Nintendo's latest console is rumoured to have an IBM Power-based multi-core processor and a custom AMD Radeon HD GPU with a slot-loading optical drive, 8GB flash memory, 1GB RAM, a 6.2in touchscreen Wii U pad with a 480p display, dual analog pad with a camera.

The Wii U was originally expected to cost $180 (roughly £120) to build and sell for a SRP of $300. Given that UK pricing is generally higher than US one, one can expect the Wii U to sell for even less than that in the US.

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Source : Amazon

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