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Samsung quashes Facebook copycat rumours

Samsung has debunked speculation that it is planning to create a Facebook-like service after rumours went viral linking the company with the development of a platform inspired by Menlo Park's wildly popular social network.

The Galaxy S3 manufacturer took to its blog today to categorically state that claims it was working on a project codenamed 'Samsung Facebook' were "groundless."

"There have been inquiries and a few articles claiming that Samsung Electronics is going to offer a Facebook-like service. However this is not true and the rumour is groundless," a statement posted on the company's global blog read.

The manufacturer did, however, admit that it was in the process of refreshing its existing ‘Family Story' service - a cloud-based, family-slanted convergence app that enables users to share photos, videos, and messages with friends and family via Samsung smart devices.

Both Samsung and Facebook have been enjoying a fair few digital column inches of late. The Korean tech giant has made headlines due to the frenzy surrounding the global rollout of its latest flagship mobile, the Galaxy S3, and the heated legal battle it is locked in with Apple over the device's proposed US launch.

Menlo Park, in turn, is presently the subject of relentless rumours about potential plans to develop an in-house smartphone, speculation that only intensified following reports that it is contemplating a bid for the Opera web browser. Oh, and there's the small matter of May's IPO.