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WordPress releases 3.4 update

WordPress has just revealed its latest release in a blog post. Its 3.4 "Green" release, named after the jazz guitarist Grant Green, brings a number of updates to the content management system and website-building service.

The most significant improvement to Wordpress comes in the form of a new live preview function, which allows users to try new themes or modify existing ones (by testing out different colours, backgrounds, titles and taglines) before publishing changes.

Other additions to the platform include easier updating of header images, including the ability to directly select and upload header images from an existing media library.

Another practically applicable upgrade is embedding tweets, which only requires including the tweet's link to get a clean and simple embed in the published post. Visitors can reply, favorite and retweet the tweet directly from the Wordpress page, without having to launch Twitter.

Wordpress 3.4 also adds a welcome improvement to image captions, by enabling HTML to add links or make style changes within the caption.

Developers will benefit from some updates, too. There are reportedly hundreds of improvements to scripting, themes, APIs and other aspects related to performance. The company has released a guide for developers, detailing the new APIs released with 3.4.