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Microsoft to bring interactive ads to Xbox Live

Microsoft hasannounced plans for interactive ads on Xbox Live.

The spots, dubbed NUads, will appear within Xbox apps that feature video content, much like the ads that appear on free mobile apps. These NUads are scheduled to start running in the autumn with three launch partners: Toyota, Unilever and Samsung Mobile USA.

With the Toyota "Reinvented" campaign, which debuted during the Super Bowl, Toyota's Camry ad will ask users what they want to see reinvented, allowing them to log feedback via Kinect voice and gesture controls. Unilever will be pushing its Axe line of body sprays on the Xbox, with a cops-and-robbers scenario asking viewers various questions.

Details about the Samsung spots were not revealed.

Participating companies can also insert multiple-choice polls during their 30-second ads.

According to the LA Times, NUads will appear alongside apps like ESPN, TMZ, NBC News and the UFC.

Microsoft framed the interactive component of NUads as a way to "breathe new life into the standard 30-second spot." Whether or not consumers actually engage with the ads or just wait patiently for their program to return remains to be seen. One segment that will likely be displeased with NUads is traditional broadcasters, who are already battling against the Web for ad dollars.

The news comes one day after Microsoft updated its Xbox Live app for iOS to allow users to control the Xbox 360 with their iPhones.