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New Disgo tablet features Android 4.0, costs £179.99

Consumer electronics manufacturer disgo has announced the release of its latest flagship device, the Disgo Tablet 8104.

The Android-powered 8104 looks capable of making at least a moderate splash in the market as it boasts two significant selling points - it runs on the coveted version 4.0 of the OS, Ice Cream Sandwich, and is competitively priced at £179.99.

ICS is complimented by a decent spec list, which features a 1.2 GHz Boxchip Cortex A8 ARM processor, 16GB flash storage (expandable by up to 48GB), and a 9.7-inch capacitive IPS display with a 1024x768 pixel resolution.

"We are proud to launch the 9104 as disgo's flagship product and believe it will cement our place as one of the leading tablet manufacturers delivering the latest technology at affordable prices," said Luke Noonnan, Disgo's Purchasing Director.

"Our experience tells us that many consumers are looking for a happy medium between cost and function in the tablet market and the obvious players are not always the most affordable choice," he added.

However, the new offering is not without its shortcomings. The device is not Google certified, meaning that users will not able to access Google Play for app downloads.

Instead, the 8104 tablet comes with £100 of preloaded ‘disgo apps' - including Office Suite Pro - and features the SlideME app store.