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Vizio Launches MacBook Air & MacBook Pro rivals

Vizio has launched three laptops, the 14-inch Thin + Light, the 15-inch Thin + Light and a 15-inch notebook, all with a starting price of $898, just under £600.

The 14in model come with a 1,600 x 900 pixels panel (no crappy 1,366 x768 pixels display here) while the 15in models sport a 1,920 x 1,080 resolution as well as a design that's rivals Apple's MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

All three come with Intel Ivy Bridge processors, Intel HD Graphics (with optional Nvidia Kepler GPU on the non Thin + Light laptop), up to seven hours battery life, an Aluminium body (anodized unibody for the Thin + :Light) SRS Premium Sound HD audio and Windows 7 operating system.

There's two things worth bearing in mind. Firstly Vizio is the largest LCD HTDV seller in the UK and its arrival in the computer market could be the prelude to the battle between Apple and the rest of the CE industry as many expect Apple to get in the TV market.

Vizio will also sell All in One PC but no desktops. It's a shame though that the company doesn't currently have any plans to come in the UK last time we asked.