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Windows Phone 8 Apollo: Leaked screenshots?

The next major update to Windows Phone 8, named Apollo, is expected to arrive on 20 June, but now we have some leaked screenshots to feast our eyes on before the official release.

The Nokia Innovation blog has been sent some sneaky snaps from an anonymous source going by the name of DarkRiver - a name that certainly adds to the intrigue and excitement but whose credibility is unconfirmed. Most striking is the apparent integration of Skype chat, which offers the option of whether to answer a call with or without video according to the image above.

A simple UI screen (above) follows with three icons beneath, that are likely to open up a host of extra functions that will allow the user to tweak settings, while a camera UI shot (below) is also included.

Another screen-grab (below) seemingly shows a data usage monitoring feature, which would provide a noteworthy update to the Windows Phone platform. One bar displays how much data you have left, the second shows how many days remain on your data plan, and it appears you can also access options to adjust your plan beneath the pie chart recording your usage figures.

The final shot shows the Nokia Drive 3.0 UI (below), which will feature updated traffic reports and re-routing on Windows Phone 8.

Source: Nokia Connection