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Daily Round-up: Apple & Samsung, th undisputed smartphone kings, you say Siri - Wozniak says "poo-poo" & leak uncovers Xbox 720

If we didn't know already, it appears the smartphone market well and truly belongs to Samsung and Apple, and now it's up to the pair of them to slog it out for the number one spot. That's because the two mobile giants share a whopping 90 per cent of the market's global profit, according to statistics from ABI Research. The Koreans currently lead their Californian counterparts in shipments, where Nokia lies 20 million units behind the big two - exemplifying the losing battle being fought by other smartphone manufacturers.

Such success has Samsung sitting pretty, and the company is ready to spread its dominance to new ground by taking on the big players in printing. It's invested heavily in a new fleet of printers, and ITProPortal was in Milan last week to try out the new devices and speak to some top Samsung officials at the swanky launch event.

Top officials, or ex-top officials, of Samsung's aforementioned rival have also been having their say of late, as Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has a pop at the iPhone's Siri voice feature. "A lot of people say Siri. I say poo-poo," Wozniak eloquently enlightens us. The entrepreneur claims the app has gone down-hill drastically, but maintains there will still be a market for voice-recognition features in the future.

Heading into gaming, and a major leak has emerged on document-sharing site Scribd, which reveals all on Microsoft's next console - the Xbox 720. The 56-page doc offers plenty of juicy tech and launch details of the 720, which could be marketed with the tagline: "All Your Entertainment. One Box." Now let's just hope the leak is actually legitimate...

Who says enjoying sport's best offerings requires fresh air, leaving our screens alone and other such nonsense? Because nonsense it is, as the BBC is going to start streaming all of its major sports broadcasts to Android and iOS devices, starting with the ongoing Euro 2012 championships. Coverage of Wimbledon, the British Grand Prix, The Open golf tournament, and the Olympics will also be arriving on smartphones soon, meaning all the action can be enjoyed from the comforting glow of your smartphone screen.