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Mozilla targets iPad with new ‘Junior’ browser

Mozilla is preparing to launch a brand new browser for the iPad called ‘Junior', which will see it join the ranks of those offering an alternative to the device's default Safari program.

The company's only foray into iOS thus far has been its iPhone-only Firefox app that syncs tabs from your computer to your handset, and product designer Alex Limi admits Junior is needed on the iPad because Mozilla currently has "no vehicle on one of the biggest consumer platforms in the world."

Limi was speaking at a presentation of the new browser, and claimed, "We wanted to make something entirely new and look into how we could reinvent the browser for a new form factor." He added that "Safari on the iPad is a pretty miserable experience...It's not fun, it feels like work."

Junior is therefore focused on making browsing more "fun" and "ergonomic" according to Mozilla. It will include new search tabs to restore "real search engine choice", and features that encourage chat and link-sharing with friends directly from the browser. The full presentation from the Product Design Strategy team can be viewed below.

Junior remains in production so a release date is not yet set, but the company has already been seeking to improve Internet usability through its Webmaker programme, that features a range of tools and interactive projects to help ordinary users have a more efficient and enjoyable online experience.