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Price of SSD drops to less than 50p per GB

PC World has slashed the price of the OCZ PTL1-25SAT3-128G petrol branded SSD to less than £60, which yields a per GB price of 47p, one of the lowest we've found yet. This is a web exclusive price that you won't find instore and although it is OCZ's value proposition, it should very easily outclass even a top of the range spinning hard drive.

It is powered by an Indilinx controller and uses the company's Ndurance technology to deliver transfer rates of up to 360Mbps and up to 32,000 IOPS. This is a drive in a 2.5in form factor with three year warranty and a SATA III interface (up to 6Gbps).

The advantages of SSD over traditional hard disk drives have been well documented and the arrival of cheaper SSDs means that it is not possible to get ultra fast speeds by combining two SSD in parallel, in RAID-0 mode for around £120 and still get a massive 256GB drive.

Whether prices will fall down even more is uncertain given that there's only so much profit manufacturers can cut before they go bust and with the arrival of Windows 8 and Ultrabooks chances are that the opposite will happen.

Source : PC World

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