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T-Mobile launches worldwide internet & broadband travel booster deals

T-Mobile is launching a new scheme to prevent its customers from unexpectedly running up their phone bill by using mobile internet whilst abroad.

The system, called Internet and Broadband Travel Boosters (IBTB), will be available from tomorrow (ed : at which time the relevant page will go live) and works through a simple re-direction process - customers wishing to connect on-the-go in other countries are sent to a page where they can buy appropriate data bundles.

Ben Fritsch, T-Mobile UK's Head of Propositions, said that the rise in smartphone sales indicated the demand for 24/7 connectivity and inspired his company to devise a system with the best interests of its holidaying and globetrotting customers in mind.

"This year, 90 per cent of all our new pay monthly customers opted for a smartphone, which proves the ever increasing demand to be connected while on-the-go. Our customers can continue to be connected, anywhere in the world - and have the peace of mind they'll never come back to an unexpected bill," he commented.

Once purchased, the ‘boosters' are valid for 30 days and start from just £1, with the barrier to overpayment being valid on both contract and PAYG phones, and across both consumer and corporate price plans.

Once one bundle has been exhausted, the IBTB system kicks in again and T-Mobile smartphone web surfers in countries as diverse as the United States, Qatar, and India are taken back to the purchase page.

The move by T-Mobile comes as other carriers are also focusing more attention on providing fair, good value European and global roaming deals.

Photo: James Laird