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New Samsung CEO demands software improvements

Kwon Oh-hyun, Samsung's new CEO, has called for an improvement in the company's software services as it bids to secure an "absolute lead" over its rivals in the technology market.

Hardware dominance is ever increasing for the Korean firm, after figures revealed it shares 90 per cent of profit in the global smartphone market with Apple, while a huge £1.2 billion investment in its logic chip line aims to solidify its status in mobile manufacturing.

Samsung is even branching out into new hardware territory, as the company launched a next-generation printer range in Milan last week, which officials hope will start displacing the current leaders in B2B printing.

But staying in line with the stance of his predecessor Choi Gee-sung, Kwon Oh-hyun said in his inaugural speech, "Samsung needs to improve its competitiveness in software, and is now at a crossroads. To become the top global technology company, we need to challenge and innovate continuously. I will give more authority to our employees for creative ideas."

Kwon stressed the importance of strengthening soft capabilities in design and solutions to enhance the overall user experience, and make Samsung's presence felt more significantly outside of the hardware arena.

It is unknown if the company's software drive will see an effort to revitalise its own Bada operating system, which fell foul to the popularity of the Android platform that features on smartphones including the record-breaking Samsung Galaxy S3.