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Tesco offering free insurance with Samsung Galaxy S3

Tesco Phone Shop (not to be confused with Tesco Mobile) is offering a free insurance on all Pay Monthly phones including the Galaxy S3 which happens to be the most expensive phone covered by the insurance; not surprising, the offer doesn't include the expensive-and-prone-to-damage-and-loss Apple iPhone handsets.

The insurance covers loss, theft, accidental, malicious as well as water and liquid damage with up to two claims being made in any 12-month period even if the phone has been used by a family member.

Tesco promises to replace the phone with the same make and model. There's even a Phone recovery service that locks your missing phone, sounds a siren on it, blocks it if someone else puts a SIM in it and helps you locate your missing phone.

If you buy it on T-Mobile for £26 per month (with a £50 initial fee), you get 300 minutes, unlimited texts and 750MB data (or 600 minutes and 250MB data). Note that T-Mobile will not charge you if you go beyond your data allowance and download email or do web browsing. More about the deal on Tesco's website.

You can read our review of the Samsung Galaxy S3 here.


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