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Today's Tech: new Microsoft tablets, cloud firm Box go global, ITPP chats with tech experts & IBM make world's fastest computer

Microsoft has juiced up the impending release of Windows 8 by launching a range of brand new Surface tablets, and very nice they look too. Included are consumer-focused slates running Windows RT, and "professional" versions featuring an Intel Core i5 chip and the x86-optimised edition of Windows 8. A ‘kickstand' propping up the tablet for your viewing pleasure and a cover that doubles as a keyboard also catch the eye here.

Businesses worldwide are floating up towards the cloud, and file storage and software firm Box is one of the key players capitalising on the trend. The company's growth outside the US has brought the opening of a brand new HQ in London, as Box goes international. Will it continue to keep up with SkyDrive, Google Drive, and other rival services from the big boys? Enough venture capitalists seem to think so - they've pumped over £100 million into Box so far.

If all this Box-talk is new to you, fret not, as our Désiré has explored the key strengths of the company, and what he learned from a special press dinner with the Box gang yesterday. It's far more than just a storage firm you know...

But Dés isn't the only one who's been treated to first-hand pearls from people big in the tech game recently. Yesterday, Riyad enjoyed an informal meeting with Steve Koenig, Director of Industry Analysis at the CEA - the company behind the biggest trade show on the technology calendar, CES. Riyad and Steve talked Apple TV, Windows 8 and more, providing real insight into some of the gadgets and developments we could end up seeing at CES next year.

Finally, we have IBM, and its Sequoia supercomputer that has been judged the world's fastest. Some accolade for the American manufacturer, and the US as a whole too, who will be happy one of its own has displaced the Japanese K Computer from Fujitsu at the top of the rankings. Follow the link to see who else made the top 10...