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Blackberry 10 to "transform the developer experience"

RIM is battling to take the limelight away from its financial woes and onto its forthcoming Blackberry 10 release, by touring the device worldwide and promising developers and programmers an exciting new platform to ply their trade.

The ongoing Blackberry 10 Jam World Tour brings a series of events dedicated to the developer community, encouraging app makers to start tailoring their work to the new OS set to feature on the phone. And RIM has now claimed the device will "transform the developer experience" and bring new gesture-based functions to the graphical user interface (GUI).

Meanwhile, Blackberry programmers are reportedly being handed the Blackberry 10 Dev Alpha ‘device' which benefits from the new Cascades user interface design tool. The phone's native software development kit (SDK) has also been made available, kitted out with new features and improvements.

According the Blackberry developer blog, these include the social gaming feature Scoreloop SDK 2.0, new payment APIs to allow the integration of in-app payment mechanisms, and battery monitoring and LED control that inform users about potential data loss if power levels are too low to complete an activity.

Writing for the blog, ‘Alex K', adds, "On the tooling side, we are introducing a limited beta version of the new BlackBerry Plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio. We've been listening to our game developers who develop their titles using the Visual Studio IDE, and this plug-in will now make it easier for these developers to adapt their games for our platform."

Source: Dr Dobbs